"Shamanism and Alternative Medicine"

Dr. Hirukawa:An associate professer of physics at Edogawa University
"The History of Emergence of 'Food for Specified Health Use' and Its Future Prospects."

Dr. Kunio Nakagawa:A consultant of functional food
"Expect Health Food and Functional Food to Play the Role of Alternative Medicine"

Dr. Young Kyoon Kim
"Boost Vital Activities with Food with Rich 'Vital Energy'."

Dr. Shohachi Tanzawa:The president of the Japanese Society of Acupuncture and Moxibustion
"Ayurveda is Medicine to Remedy Sick People, Not Disease."

Dr. Kazuo Uebaba:The associate superintendent of The International Traditional Medical Science Center in Toyama Prefecture of Japan
"Diet and the Way You Look at Things Have a big Influence on Making a Healthy Body."

Dr. Joji Fujinami:The representative of CAMU Network
"Spreading Knowledge in order to Nip Illness in the Bud, and an Idea of "Mibyo" (or Pre-Symptomatic State)."

Dr. Yoshihiro Fukuo:The Japan Pre-Symptomatic Medical System Society
"Time Is Shifting to an Age in Which Integrative Medicine Is Sought and Required." 

Dr. Kazuhiko Atsumi:The head of the Japanese Association for Alternative, Complimentary and Traditional Medicine (JACT)
"The Right Education and Discipline in Dietary Life from Parents to Children Makes for Tough Constitutions."

Ms. Kohko Sakurai:The deputy Principal of Itabashi Chuo Kango Gakko
"The world is paying attention to ' Natto ',which contributes to Japanese longevity."

Dr.Hiroyuki Sumi:The Department of Physiological Chemistry, College of Science & Industrial Technology, Kurashiki University of science and Arts
"The Key to Building Up Good Health Is Reasonable Coexistence with Microorganisms"

Dr. Minoru Saitoh:A adviser to The Japan Food Research Laboratory
"Life Style and A Proper Way of Taking Food That Help Enhance a Natural Healing Power"

Dr. Ryoichi Obitsu:A director of Obitsu Sankei Hospital
"A Power to Resist Disease Can Be Built Up With Foods That Have Vital Energy"

Dr. Yasuo Kohzu:The Japan Physicians Association
"Arabinoxylan, a BRM or Biological Response Modifier, Has Actions Against Cancer and AIDS"

Dr. Mamdooh H. Ghoneum:DREW/UCLA University of Medical and Science
"Immune Enhancing Roles Introduced by Nutritional Components"

Dr.T.Saburi:A former Director General of The Japan Foundation of Aging and Health
"EPA and DHA in Blue-Skinned Fish Are Effective in Dementia and Allergies"

Dr. K. Yazawa:A chief researcher of Sagami Chemical Research Center
"Roles and significance of functional foods"

Mr. M. Hanamura:A chairman of The Japan Dietetic Association
"The bifizs bacteria conditions the intestinal environment and prevents infection " 

Dr. Tomotari Mitsuoka 

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