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The Japan Functional Food Research Association(JAFRA)is pleased to inform you that we will hold our third workshop. At the first workshop,We learned about the present state of the young and active Complementary Alternative Medicine(CAM) in America that was trying to open a new frontier. At the second workshop,the year before last,We studied healing and homeopathy under the theme of “mental health care” in the long-establishe UK.As a venuefo「Ou「thi「dworkshop, we have chosen a country that has strong ties with Japanese medicine,Berlin in Germany.

This time also,with the theme of observing and experiencing “Alternative Medicine”,We are going to attend leclures and visit scenes of world-class,German medicine such as KneippIsm and Steiner Medicine(Anthroposophic Medicine)the cornerstone of which Dr, Steiner established.Furthermore,We are going to invite Dr.Buehring at Free Univeraity of Berlin,a pioneer of Complementary Alternative Medicine in Germany,and some other doctors active in this area in Germany,the UK,and Japan to our workshop for a lively discussion.

Humboldt University,Which is to be the venue for this workshop,is a traditional school having close ties with Japan,and is also well known for the fact that Japanese medical pioneers such as Ogai Mori and Shibasaburo Kitasato studied there.

We can assure you that it is very significant and rewarding to see with you own eyes the long-established medicine practiced in Germany,which has a long and close assotiation with Japanese medicine,and to listen to the authorities active in the front lines of each field directly.

Yasuo Ninomlya
Japan Functional Food Research Association

【 「The 3th International Workshop on Integrative Medicine」speaker・digest 】
Anthroposophc Medicine
Matthias Girke:Chief of the Department of lnternal Medicine and Oncology
Mistletoe Therapy in Oncology
Harald Matthes:Medical Director
Self-Regulation and Endogenous Regulation in Breast Cancer
:Doctor of Medicine
Irritable Bowel Syndrome(IBS)
Friedemann Schad:Doctor of Medicine
Anthroposophic Hepatitis C Therapy
Burkhard Matthes
Music Therapy
Peter Fausch:Art therapist/music
Art Therapy 〜Therapeutic Painting and Drawing〜
Katharina Gutknecht:Director of the Artaban-School/Berlin
Art Therapy 〜Therapeutic Sculpturing〜
:Art therapist/Sculpturing
Curative Eurythmy
Elisabeth Rieger:Therapist/Curative Eurythmy
Curative Eurythmy
Florian Himstedt:TTherapist/Curative Eurythmy
Curative Eurythmy
Bianca Jehle:Masseuse/Rhythmic Massage
Prof.Dr.med.Malte Buehring
Hydrotherapy-The Historical Basis of Natural Healing
Dr.med.Dr.rer.nat.Bernhard Uehleke:MD
Physiotherapy in Europe/Germany
Dr.Joerg Gruenwald:Consultant,Ph.D
Clinical Trial of The Use of BIOBRAN in CFS
Dr.Julian N Kenyon:MD,MB.ChB
Nutrition,Diet and Fasting for Rheumatic Diseases
Diet Therapy for Rheumatic Diseases
Dr.med.Rainer Stang:MD
Holistic Approach to Cancer Treatment --mainry with respect to diet therapy and physiologically functional food--
Ryoichi Obitsu:M.D.,Ph.D

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