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【 「The 2th International Workshop on Integrative Medicine」speaker・digest 】
A Holistic Approach to Cancer Care --The Bristol Cancer Help Center
Pat Turton:Director of Education and Development Helen Cooke:Director of Therapy
Nutrition and Cancer - the therapeutic nutritional approach at Bristol Cancer Help Centre
Jane Sen:Nutritional Advisor to the Bristol Cancer Help Centre
The role and importance of holistic medical treatment
Dr.Rosy Daniel:Centre Director Medical Director BSC MBBCh
Plants for Nourishment,Healing and Health-a Historical Review
Dr.Anthony R Leeds
Food Labelling,Composition and Claims
Dr.Anthony R Leeds
Alternative Medicine in Japan
Ryoichi Obitsu M.D.,Ph.D.
Anticancer Activity by MGN-3(Bio Bran)、Modified Arabinoxylan Rice Bran
Dr.Mamdooh Ghoneum
Psychological Interventions and Immunity
John Gruzelier
CAM:the UK Training Situation and the Future of CAM Research
Dr.David Peters
Overview of Homeopathy with a Cace Study
Dr.Yvonneke Roe

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